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Ice Rink Open


Forman ice rink is now open. Located at the basketball court at the corner of Antelope Ave and 4th St. 

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Ice Rink is Coming!


The Forman Community Club and Forman Park Board will be installing an ice rink at the basketball/tennis court on Antelope Ave/4th St. Tentative plans are to have it ready to use in early...

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Adopt a Hydrant


Help our fire department out by adopting a hydrant near your residential or commercial property. When you adopt a hydrant you will be volunteering to keep the area around it clear of snow through...

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Compost Lot Closed


The city compost lot located at Maple Ave and 5th St is now closed for the season. It will be open for dumping material again in the spring. 

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Stray Cat Collection


We are working on coming up with solutions for all the stray cats in town. If you have live traps and are willing to let the city use them or use them yourself please let us know. We are also...

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Forman Receives Main Street Excellency Award


The Forman grocery store project received the Main Street Excellence Award for a Rural Community from ND Department of Commerce Main Street Iniatitive program. We are honored to receive this award...

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No Fall Clean Up Days


There will be no fall clean up days due to the city crew being short staffed right now. Organic materials such as branches, grass clippings, leaves, and garden material can be left at the compost...

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City Job Opening


City of Forman is looking for a full-time maintenance work click link for more information: City Job

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Central Grocery is Open


Central grocery is now open for business. Hours are 7 am to 8 pm Monday-Friday, Saturday 8-6 and Sunday 9-4. 

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No Dumping Items on City Property


City ordinance prohibits the unauthorized dumping of items on city property. Please do not bring items to city shop or orther city locations not specified for item collection. $50 fines and cost...

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Dogs at Large


Dogs need to be either on a leash or on the owner's property at all times. Any reports of dogs running loose can be made to the sheriff's department at 724-3302, 

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