Pick1 Volunteer Campaign

Small communities are dependent on volunteers to keep their cities and programs thriving. Forman is no exception. With over 10 non-profit and charitable agencies and organizations in our community someone is always in need of some helping hands. Here is a current list of organizations and what they need:

Forman Community Club

  • Assist with set up/take down for events like childrens holiday parties
  • Set up/take down of food booth at Carfest in September
  • Provide food items for events

Forman Park Board

  • Pull weeds at park and basketball court
  • Provide food items for fundraisers
  • Donate bingo prizes
  • Serve on the park board (see city office for more information)

Forman City

  • Set up/take down of tables and chairs at Carfest
  • Assist with organizing or putting on events during Carfest

Forman Library

  • Helpers for Lego Club, Makerspace, and other clubs
  • Make baked goods for annual bake sale
  • Assist with rehoming excess books

Forman Fire Department

  • Volunteer firefighters

Four Seasons HealthCare and Villas

  • Musical entertainment
  • Hair care and pedicures
  • Outdoor activities and games
  • Animal visits
  • Hosting bingo
  • Reading stories to residents
  • Hosting a baking/cooking activity
  • Magician performance
  • Hosting a movie night
  • Glamour shots
  • Massages
  • Arts and crafts
  • Walking with residents or pushing them in wheelchairs
  • Assiting with outings

Sargent County Ambulance

  • EMTS
  • Drivers

Supporters for Education

  • Members
  • People willing to donate food items

Sargent County Museum

  • Weed trimming
  • Snow shoveling (to propane tank)
  • Moving items and building items for displays

Sargent County Fair Association

  • Gate workers for during the fair 


Contact Info

Park Board

City of Forman

Forman Ambulance

Supporters for Education

Forman Fire Department

Fair Board