City of Forman....Your Forever Hometown!

Forman is a city for you. A place to work, create, build, dream, play, and connect. It's a safe and friendly town to raise a family, enjoy retirement or start a business. If you are new to the area, a former or longtime resident or a visitor we welcome you to our city. We want to be your "Forever Hometown". 

Upcoming Events

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Stop by the Forman City Hall to sign up for baseball and swimming lessons. Shirts, hats and uniforms available that night upon registration payment. Contact Wendy at 678-4212 with any questions. 


Clean Up Days

Place large garbage items on the curb for pick up. Garbage must be sorted into catergories: Metal; Trees, branches, leaves and clean wood; Concrete (small enough to lift); and Everything Else. Paint cans must be opened and dried out, no liquids, no electron...


Pet Clinic

Dr. Kathy from Sheyenne Valley will be in Forman to administer vaccinations to cats and dogs. No appointment necessary. City pet licenses may also be purchased at this time. 

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Sump Pumps

(4/18/2019) Sump pumps must be emptied outside, not into the sewer system. Thank you for your cooperation! 

Recycling Reminder

(3/29/2019) Please only put items in the recycling bin that are approved for recyling. Plastic bags and other items that are not approved are contaminating the recycling. 

New Daycare Opening!

(3/27/2019) Charge on Together Childcare will open on April 8th. Contact Nicole at 701-269-9639 for openings or to ask about employment.