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Forman's 1st Annual Siren Days event


Join in the siren celebration!

Did you know that Forman's siren is considered one-of-a-kind?!? 
The siren was manufactured by the Decot Engineering Works company, formerly located at 1708 Central Ave NE in Minneapolis, MN and was manufactured during WWII. It has been consistently used by the City of Forman as a daily curfew signal and as part of the city's emergency alert system.

In July 2022, the city was notified that the Decot siren was not running properly. With consideration to it's historical significance, the city decided to repair the siren. The siren was taken out of service and transported to Huber Electric Motor Repair in Fargo, ND, where it was repaired and repainted.

To celebrate this bit of history and to honor our law enforcement, fire department and ambulance services, the city is hosting "Siren Days" on Saturday, May 13th! (National Police Week is May 14-20!) Enjoy the "Parade of Sirens" down Forman's Main Street at 1pm, then head to the Museum for informational booths and an emergency services meet and greet.

Meet the people who serve our county with a siren and learn about Forman's unique Decot Engineering Works siren!